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Daniel has flown as a Pilot in Command (PIC) Part 135 charter and business pilot throughout the Western United States, Western Canada and Alaska.  

Daniel is available to serve as PIC or flight crew support in your aircraft if one or more of your employed pilots are on vacation, family or medical leave periods in most single engine and multi-engine aircraft 12,500 lbs or less.   Several of the actual aircraft flown are pictured here still bearing the same N#'s.  

Daniel also holds a passport for flights outside of the U.S.  and a 1st Class FAA Medical Certificate.

Call or email Daniel today to discuss your specific pilot needs.   Long term arrangements may also be considered.

Presently Daniel carries hull and $1M smooth liability on his personal aircraft and will likely qualify as added insured for any client aircraft.

Daniel is also available for 2nd in command, flight crew support or type rating processes for larger prop or jet aircraft if longer term service contracts are needed from a non-vaxxed pilot.

Contact Daniel at or cell: (208) 771-6621 for more information or scheduling.   Leave message if unavailable.

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