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From the age of 5 year old it was Daniel's dream to fly.   After graduating high school he began his flying career at Spokane Airways at the Spokane International Airport.   With highly respected instructor, Earl Smith, at his side flying their new Discover Flying Cessna 150, Daniel learned the important basic flying skills used today.

It was also at that time John and Martha King started King Schools.   The King Schools training materials have been successfully used since for all of his personal certificates and ratings including those of his students.

Daniel continued flying at Felts Field in Spokane, obtaining his commercial, instrument, CFI, multi-engine, seaplane and ATP certificates and ratings, eventually owning a classic 1966 Piper Turbo Twin Comanche pictured below with his beloved wife Mary.

Daniel has flown as Pilot In Command (PIC) as a Part 135 charter and business pilot throughout the Western United States, Western Canada and Alaska.   He especially enjoys mountain flying in the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia and the fiords, glaciers and snow capped peaks of Alaska and opportunity to visit unique place in North America.

He is alive today due to the exceptional instruction received from his instrument instructor in emergency procedures training. 

Today his son, Spencer, follows in his footsteps as a former Air Force C130 Air Force turbine engine technician and now as a fully license A&P mechanic at Burrows Aviation working towards his IA Certification.  

Spencer is also building his first airplane, a Whitman W10 Tailwind, between the times he has available between servicing our classic 1953 Beechcraft Bonanza D35 and other customer aircraft.  He is also earning his pilots license utilizing the King Schools material and supporting PowerPoint and PDF tablet slide presentations of reference materials paralleling the King Schools lesson plans.    In these presentations, Daniel shares with students his exceptional learning experiences through his long career of safe and enjoyable flying.

They are designed for use by the student/customer/ instructor in the Part 61 training processes on their respective devices and are available in a .pptx or .pdf format for student use.   Select this link to purchase the King Schools Pilot Courses.

Contact Daniel at or cell: (208) 771-6621 for more information or scheduling.   Leave message if unavailable.

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