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Flight instruction services  will be available shortly beginning in August in your aircraft on a limited pre-scheduled basis.

You will be able to discover the freedom and the exhilaration of flying above the heights of area mountains, lakes and spectacular vistas.

There are special opportunities for aspiring pilots to obtain tailwheel endorsements and seaplane ratings if you are planning to purchase these type of aircraft.  You will discover the control and flight precision techniques for wheel and 3 point landings in your tailwheel airplane on unimproved airstrips and glassy water takeoff's and landings in your purchased seaplane.   This will be our primary flight training focus.

These piloting privileges will provide an unparalleled opportunity  to experience the true remoteness of the backcountry wilderness, lake and river camping, fishing and hunting activities  in Washington, Idaho & Montana.

Private and Commercial rating training will be available on a limited basis to friends, associates and relatives.

Flight instruction services are limited and will be conducted by appointment only, scheduling around other piloting responsibilities and family activities.

For pilots s seeking complex aircraft time, dual instruction may be available to you in our classic 1953 Beechcraft Bonanza D35 pictured here.   It is hangered at Spokane's Felts Field (KSFF).

This aircraft is unusual in that most of its life, prior to Daniel,  it has been owned by two aviation professionals;

1) Prior to 1994 a retired B29 & B52 Air Force pilot from Spokane still flying a vTail Bonanza at the age of 88 and;

2) in 1995 a retired A&P / IA on the B747's at the Paine Field purchased it for his wife, also professional pilot.  When not flown, he  kept it in a heated hanger and conducted all of its maintenance.  It's condition is exceptional and it also has a complete set of aircraft logs back to its time of purchase with no damage major history.   It's truly was a rare find!

Contact Daniel at or cell: (208) 771-6621 for more information or scheduling.   Leave message if unavailable.

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