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Daniel was raised on a 280 cattle ranch in Northeastern Washington State, USA where he experienced the benefits of holistic rural living, riding horses, herding cattle, operating farm, construction and logging  equipment.    All members of our family worked very long hours during harvest in hot weather requiring healthy living.   Pure water was obtained a our private water system developed from abundant spring near to our ranch home..

Each year the family raised an organic garden for the fresh produce for summer feasts during harvest and canning for our winter food supply.   This process was essential where snows levels of 4 - 6 ft, electrical outages, road blockages due to snow depth and spring time road washouts were common occurrences.   Large healthy rainbow trout were often caught from the ranch creek and grandma's house was close for some of the best fried chicken from our farm raised poultry.

The Melville family pursued knowledge of how to use the plants and native vegetation to maintain their health.   There were only a few occasions where the services of medical doctors were need, ... mainly for stitches and other injury treatment.  Seldom were we sick.

This philosophy of well being continues in Daniel's personal family today as his wife, Mary, applies effective natural holistic solutions for family health issues allowing us to avoid toxic pharmaceutical remedies, medications and vaccinations. 

My family firmly believes that the natural approach to health is far superior in maintaining our own God-given natural life energy, healing process and longevity.    We daily continue this successful approach  applying effective holistic solutions to detoxification and natural non-fractured nutritional support.

So if you seek a professional pilot that is much less likely to suffer from the effects of toxic and potentially deadly, and often delayed side affects from vaccinations and many life-energy robbing pharmaceuticals, Daniel would be honored to be your trusted professional pilot and/or crew member. 

Daniel also obtains a 1st class FAA flight physical when flying commercially completing an annual EKG meeting past ridged FAA flight standards.

Contact Daniel at or cell: (208) 771-6621 for more information or scheduling.   Leave message if unavailable.

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