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If you have a need to relocate an aircraft to any area of the continental U.S., Canada or Alaska, call Daniel today for an estimate.

Please advise of your aircraft year, type and model, land or seaplane, fuel capacity, avionics equipment, including its VFR or IFR certifications and desired destination airport.   It is important that your aircraft have a current 100 hr or annual maintenance inspection from a reputable mechanic or service facility.     For aircraft requiring maintenance or annual inspection certifications, we recommend Burrows Aviation, LLC., at KDEW.

We will also need a copy of your current aircraft insurance policy during our review process.

Daniel has previously flown numerous  Beechcraft, Bellanca, Cessna, Mooney and Piper single, seaplane, tail wheel and twin engine aircraft models.

Some limited ferry flights for maintenance might be made subject to our test flying the aircraft and prior review  by our recommended mechanics of past maintenance logs and AD compliance.

Contact Daniel at or cell: (208) 771-6621 for more information or scheduling.   Leave message if unavailable.

Please note the email address displayed here is a graphic image and not linked or otherwise clickable to prevent email address harvesting.   Enter directly into your address book or email message.

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